Moms Stop The Harm (MSTH)

MomsStopTheHarm (MSTH) is a network of mothers who have lost loved ones to drug misuse, or whose lives have been impacted by it. This network of women advocates for an end to the war on drugs and promotes harm reduction strategies that support those living with addiction. MSTH also advocates for the education of people of all ages on the dangers of problematic substance use. The MSTH network shares information on drug harms, and policy issues concerning harm reduction in local, regional and national settings across Canada.

mumsDU - moms united and mandated to saving the lives of Drug Users

mumsDU is a coalition of Canadian mothers who have lost sons and daughters to overdose and other drug related harms. We openly share the experiences of our children’s drug related deaths with communities, policy makers and professionals across Canada in order to bring awareness to this crisis and affect much needed change.

Anyone's Child

Families for safer drug control (UK based organization).

Moms United to End the War on Drugs

US based organization.

Support. Don't Punish.

Support. Don't Punish. is a global advocacy campaign calling for better drug policies that prioritize public health and human rights.

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

A national network facilitating changes in Canadian and international drug policy.

Harm Reduction International (HRI)

HRI is a leading non-governmental organization working to reduce the negative health, social and human rights impacts of drug use and drug policy by promoting evidence-based public health policies and practices, and human rights based approaches to drugs.

Jac's Voice

Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street Society

A grass roots organization started by Amy Graves after the loss of her younger brother Josh due to an accidental hydromorphone overdose.

From Grief to Action

A BC organization, providing hope and support, resources and respect to families and friends affected by drug use.

Canadian Harm Reduction Network

SMART Recovery

What is SMART Recovery®?
A free self-help program for recovery from addictive behavior. Groups are led by a lay-coordinator and meet in a number of Canadian cities.


Edmonton based organization, proving services based on harm reduction, health promotion, and primary health care.

InSite for Community Safety

Community Safety is a broad banner under which supporters of InSite [Supervised Consumption Site in Vancouver] have come together to defend, promote and encourage others across Canada and the World to deliver humane, inclusive and pragmatic initiatives that improve the lives of drug users and their communities.