• Naloxone can reverse the effects of an overdose from an opioid.
  • Naloxone does not reverse overdose due to non opioid drugs, but should be administered if you suspect and overdose, as it will not do further harm.
  • Naloxone does not replace medical care.
  • Get a Naloxone overdose antidote kit and training for using it.
  • Kits are available from community health clinics, harm reduction programs and pharmacies.
  • Naloxone is now also available as a Nasal Spray from the US and approved for use in Canada (see Health Canada Link below).
  • Make sure friends and family know how to administer Naloxone.

Naloxone: Everything You Need to Know

This is an excellent resource on Naloxone used with the permission of Practical Recovery. Note: MSTH is not familiar with and does not endorse any specific recovery program, but we thank Practical Recovery for the use of this information.

Take Home Naloxone: Information for Family and Friend Caregivers

This document by the Provincial Harm Reduction program in BC provides helpful information on Naloxone use.

Naloxone - Preventing Overdose - Saving Lives - Provincial (BC) Harm Reduction Program "Toward The Heart"

This site offers a range of resources on Naloxone and other harm reduction information.